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Author Topic: Clubs and Groups in OST TOPIC CLOSED
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Post Clubs and Groups in OST
on: April 29, 2014,

Communicated from the Editor of OST


I have a personal take on clubs and groups, one that says they have not been consigned to the past but are a vital part of the O Scale scene today, under-supported by the likes of OST. To that end, we are starting a new department where clubs and groups can announce things like meeting schedules, open-houses, fund-raisers, and the search for local membership.

We in O Scale have a strong social bent as well as a technical bent, and everything from the O Scale Kings through the formal local club to the informal round-robin group thrives in the scale. They could thrive more.

We have in mind a new department where groups can place a small advert (size TBD) or an announcement in the manner of Product News with a contact, what type of venue, website and email add'y, and some text as to what they are or some event to which they might be wanting to draw attention. Other than advert size, as wide-open a venue for the various O Scale groups to develop for themselves by participating (or possibly not; I don't discount that) would teach us what form best fits the need.

Editorially, I'm not figuring a combination with Events as most shows in the scale world are commercial enterprises rather than club open-houses.

Currently we offer venuae gratis for venders and importers in News and Reviews, so the same for clubs grouped in a department is a hole we currently don't fill that is of vital interest for the furthering of the scale.

Why I bring this up here is twofold. First, to be honest I'm driving a stake for OST. Second and more important, this will take participation to launch. If you are a member of an O Scale group, formal or informal, and that group wants to reach out to other O Scalers (who have a knack for lurking under our very noses) in your area, email me (my email address is on the magazine masthead page and on the Contact OST -- top right of this page).


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Post Re: Clubs and Groups in OST #97
on: March 15, 2017,

Club Listings consists of (oddly enough) a running list of clubs who have opted to be listed here each issue. Clubs are responsible to keep their listing info current. Club News features new club listings and submitted news items. All submissions and updates are due to the Editor (mindthecat@comcast.net) on the first day of the cover month of the previous issue. The Club listings can be also found on the O Scale Kings website [www.oscalekings.org] as a cooperative venture.



Gauge 0 Guild
Contact: Brian Scace, ConRep USA
Tel: 301.335.7301
Email: mindthecat@comcast.net
Website: [www.gauge0guild.com]
Venue: Worldwide

O Scale Kings
Contact: Jim Allen
Tel: 801.643.3665
Email: oscalekings@yahoo.com
Website: [www.oscalekings.org]
Venue: NMRA 1/48 O Scale

New England

Monroe, Connecticut
Contact: James Cramond
Tel: 201.261.7963
Email: Jcramond285@earthlink.net
Venue: TBD, New forming club

Stamford, Connecticut
Stamford Model Railroad Club
Contact: Jim Mardiguian
Tel: 718.347.3159
Email: Dlwh2466@hotmail.com
Website: [www.stamfordmodelrrclub.com]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Gardner, Massachusetts
Southern New England Model Railroad Club
Contact: Rich Godfrey
Tel: 508.829.4529
Email: godfreys78@aol.com
Website: [www.snemrr.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Clinton, Massachusetts
Metro West Model Railroading Society
Contact: Larry Grant (Pres.)
Tel: 508.337.6661
Email: bigbrotherlar@netzero.net
Website: [www.trainweb.org/metrowest]
Venue: Modular layout, rotating “round-robin”, NMRA 1/48

Bath, New Hampshire
The Ammonoosuc Valley Railroad Association
Contact: Bill Driscoll
Tel: 603.747.3492
Email: William.H.Driscoll@dartmouth.edu
Venue: Permanent layout, retired modular layout, NMRA 1/48


Northeastern USA (Regional)
US Gauge 0 Northeast (USGONE)
Contact: Glen Suckling
Tel: 315.342.8057
Email: gog15102@twcny.rr.com
Venue: Portable display layout, home layouts, UK 7mm

Northeastern USA (Regional/NYC Metro)
NYC Model Transit Association
Contacts: Steven Olsen, Nate Gerstein, Bill Wall
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nycmodeltransit
Website: [www.nycmodeltransit.org]
Venue: Traction, transit, and commuter, annual transit meets in NYC metro area, Multi-scale with large NMRA 1/48 presence.

Carlstadt, NJ
New York Society of Model Engineers
Contact: Andy Brusgard
Tel: 908.686.4856
Email: contact@ModelEngineers.org
Website: [www.ModelEngineers.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Merchantville, NJ
Cherry Valley Model RR Club
Contact: Chris Crane
Tel: 732.548.0210 before 9pm
Email: cherryvalleyrr@verizon.net
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Black Diamond Society of Model Engineers (BDSME)
902 Macada Rd., Bethlehem Pa. 18017
Contact: Daniel Mehen
Tel: 610.974.9718
Website: [www.bdsme.org]
Venue: Permanent layout NMRA 1/48, On30

Gettysburg, PA
South Central Pennsylvania O Scalers
Contact; Rich Randall
Email: rrand4449@aol.com
Venue: Rotating “round-robin”, NMRA 1/48, UK 7mm

Reading, Pennsylvania
Reading Society of Model Engineers
P.O. Box 13011, Reading, PA 19612
Tel: 610.929.5444
Website: [www.rsme.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Waynesboro Model Railroad Club
Contact: Gerald Wheeler
Tel: 240.625.8252
Email: clavinthecoal@live.com
Website: [www.waynesboromrrc.com]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48


Baltimore MD
Baltimore Society of Model Engineers
Contact: Eugene Nash
Tel: 410.837.2763
Email: nash2812@verizon.net
Website: [www.modelengineers.com]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Hagerstown MD
Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum
Contact: Gerry Smith, 3scotties@comcast.net
Tel: 301.739.4665
Email: info@roundhouse.org
website: [www.roundhouse.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48


Atlanta, Georgia
The Railroad Model Club of Atlanta
487-1/2 Edgewood Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: Bob Silcox
Tel: 770.826.0635
Email: railroadpete@comcast.net
Contact: David Payne
Tel: 770.910.0091
Email: davidcofga@aol.com
Website: [www.oscale-atlanta.info]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Canton, Georgia
Southern O Scalers (SOS)
Contact: Dan Mason
Tel: 770.337.5139
Email: daniel@southernoscalers.com
Website: [www.southernoscalers.com]
Venue: Portable modular layout, NMRA 1/48

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Baton Rouge O Scalers
Contact: Jim Buchtel
Tel: 225.926.3860
Email: j.buchtel@cox.net
Venue: Modular layout, NMRA 1/48

Jackson, Louisiana
The Greater Baton Rouge Model Railroaders
3406 College St, Jackson, LA 70748
Contact: Bob Coon
Tel: 225.767.2620
Venue: Modular layout, NMRA 1/48


Cedar Falls, IA
Cedar Valley "O" Scale Modelers
301 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA
Contact: Bob Hardman
Email: bob.hardman@cfu.net
Website: [https://cvosmrr.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Des Moines, IA
Raccoon Valley Model RR Club
5460 Merle Hay Rd. Suite G, Johnston, IA 50131
Contact: Ed Truslow
Tel: 515.277.3442
Email: ed@ampiowa.com
Website: [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rvmrrclub/]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48, On3, On30

Holly, Michigan
Detroit Model RR Club
104 North Saginaw Street, Holly, MI 48442
Contact: Ed McDowell (248.926.1531)
Tel: 248.634.5811
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

St. Paul, Minnesota
Twin City Model Railroad Museum
668 Transfer Road, Suite 8
Tel: 651.647.9628
Email: tcmrm@tcmrm.org
Website: [www.tcmrm.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Webster Groves, Missouri
Big Bend RR Club
8833 Big Bend Blvd, Webster Groves, Missouri 63119
Contact: Ken Rimmel
Tel: 314.966.5227
Email: secretary@bigbendrrclub.org
Website: [www.bigbendrrclub.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Model Railway Club
Harmony Lodge, 646 East Epworth Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45232
Contact: Frank Koch
Tel: 513.324.3781 or 513.732.3208
Email: fjkoch@hotmail.com
Website: [www.cincyoscale.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Cleveland, Ohio
Western Reserve O Scale Club
Contact: Sam Shumaker
Tel; 440.248.3055
Email J3a5436@gmail.com
Venue: Rotating “round robin”
Notes: First Friday or Saturday of the
month. NYCSHS member

Columbus, Ohio
Central Ohio O Scale Engineers
Contact: David Richter
Tel: 614.459.5206
Email: drichter@sciotangy.com
Venue: Modular layout, NMRA 1/48

Youngstown, Ohio
Youngstown Model Railroad Association
Contact: Bud Brock
Tel: 412.331.7658
Email: Budpccrr@aol.com
Website: http://www.ymra.org
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City O Scalers
Contact: George Wallace
Tel: 405.751.7649
Venue: Informal, On3 Modular, Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Dallas, Texas
Dallas/Fort Worth O Scale Club
Contact: Brady McGuire
Tel: 903.868.2726
Email: bradyprrm1a@cableone.net
Contact: Stan Schwartz
Tel: 972.359.8242
Email: ss124@sbcglobal.net
Venue: Permanent layout, 12x41 lt/wt modular, NMRA 1/48
Notes: Two-three shows per year

Rocky Mountains

Denver, Colorado
Colorado O Scale Modelers
Contact: John Johnson
Tel: 303.678.9527 8AM-8PM
Email: johnsjp48@gmail.com
Website: [www.coloradooscale.org]
Venue: Rotating “round-robin”, modules, NMRA 1/48

Syracuse, Utah
Wahsatch O Scalers
Contact: Jim Allen
Tel: 801.643.3665
Email: jimp72@msn.com
Venue: Informal, layout under construction, NMRA 1/48

Pacific Northwest

Edmonds, Washington
Contact: J. Woody Mathews
Tel: 206.723.8746
Email; woodymathews@hotmail.com
Venue: Rotating “round-robin”, NMRA 1/48

West Coast

Point Richmond, California
Golden State Model Railroad Club
900 Dornan Drive
Tel: 510.232.2472
Email: Info@gsmrm.org
Website: [www.gsmrm.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

San Diego, California
San Diego Model Railroad Museum
Balboa Park, 1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
Website: [www.sdmrm.org]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Santa Ana, California
Orange County O-Scalers
Contact: Tommy Thomas
Email: oscalers@gmail.com
Website: [www.orangecountyoscalers.com]
Venue: Modular layout, NMRA 1/48


Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Society of Model Railroaders, Inc. (HSMR)
116 McNab St.
Contact: Glenn 905.318.1416
Email: Ken, Hamiltonoscale@hotmail.com
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48, traction

London Ontario
London Model Railroad Group Inc
69 Holborn Steet, London, Ontario
Tel: 519.432.1491
Email: contact@lmrg.org
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48, On3, traction

St. Jacobs, Ontario
St. Jacobs & Aberfoyle Model Railway
1440-3 King Street North, St. Jacobs, Ontario
Tel: 519.664.3737
Email: info@stjacobsmodelrailway.com
Website: http://www.stjacobsmodelrailway.com
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48

Toronto, Ontario
Model Railroad Club of Toronto
11 Curity Avenue
Contact: Phil Spencer
Tel: 416.536.8927
Email: info@modelrailroadclub.com
Website: [www.modelrailroadclub.com]
Venue: Permanent layout, NMRA 1/48


United Kingdom,
Milland West Sussex
Liphook & District Model Railway Club
Contact: Tony Bettger
Email: tony@bettger.net
Website: [www.millandvalleyrailway.co.uk]
Venue: New build, UK 7mm, NMRA 1/48, MOROP 0

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