2024 ANNUAL: The debut issue of O Scale Trains Annual is an expanded 116-page edition celebrating the art of 1:48 model railroading! Inside you’ll find visits to beautiful home layouts, detailed how-to articles on ktibashing and scratchbuilding, a look back at vintage two-rail models, and a showcase of new products for your layout! Conley Wallace shares his techiniques for scratchbuilding a Virginian Railway caboose from brass sheet, while George Riley demonstrates methods to create realistic scenery and ground cover. Chris Lane shares scale drawings of Rio Grande 30′ narrow gauge refrigerator cars, while Bill Yancey shows the steps he followed to scratchbuild a modern all-door boxcar from styrene. All this and more in the 2024 O Scale Trains Annual!

2024 Annual


Product Showcase

Our listing of exciting products for your O scale model railroad empire, including locomotives, freight cars, structures, decals, scenery items, detail parts, and more.

Scratchbuild a Virginian C-10 Caboose in Brass

Conley E. Wallace — Working with brass sheet to scratchbuild a model of one of the 25 cabooses built new for Virginian Railway in 1949 by St. Louis Car Co.

Operations Notebook 1: Buckeye Through Freight

Herm Botzow — We follow through freight Train 401 as it works it away across Buckeye Railroad from Monongahela Yard east of Pittsburgh to Gateway Yard in Youngstown, Ohio.

Rio Grande Narrow Gauge 30’ Refrigerator Cars

Chris Lane — In 1900, Rio Grande built a fleet of 50 new 30’ ice-cooled refrigerator cars for the narrow gauge lines. Rebuilt in 1926, many lasted in service into the 1950s. Includes scale drawings.

A Norfolk & Western and Virginian Sampler

Conley E. Wallace — Tour this 28×44’ model railroad featuring detailed rolling stock and structures inspired by actual locations along the Norfolk & Western and Virginian Railway lines.

Canandaigua Southern Super Allegheny Redux

David Vaughn — A piece of John Armstrong’s legendary Canandaigua Southern Railroad lives on through the operation of this one-of-a-kind Super Allegheny 2-6-6-6 steam locomotive.

Southern Pacific Orange Empire

Jürg Lütscher — A photo gallery of colorful Southern California transition era railroading on Southern Pacific, from a detailed model railroad based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Transform an Old Brass Articulated Steam Engine

Conley E. Wallace — You never know what you’ll find at a swap meet! Follow along as a pile of parts is transformed into a beautiful brass articulated steam locomotive.

Operations Notebook 2: Budd Car on the Buckeye

Herm Botzow — All aboard! You don’t need a lot of room to add passenger service to your model railroad. Follow along as the daily commuter trains make their way across Buckeye Railroad.

Harold Russell’s Genesee Falls & Ontario

Otto M. Vondrak — Inspired by short lines of western New York, we pay a brief visit to the detailed O scale empire constructed by well-known author and draftsman Harold Russell.

Rebuilding a Vintage Max Gray M1a

John McEnerney — Rebuilding an old Max Gray brass steam locomotive import from the 1950s into a detailed model of a Pennsylvania Railroad class M1a 4-8-2.

Return to the Cumberland Valley

Joe Ioele — This detailed transition era O scale model railroad is inspired by Pennsylvania Railroad and Norfolk & Western routes between Roanoke, Va., and Hagerstown, Md.

Scratchbuild a ‘Side Slider’ Boxcar in Styrene

Bill Yancey — Introduced in the 1970s, the Evans “Side Slider” boxcar was designed to make loading of finished lumber easier and reduce damage.

Building a Henry-T Kit

Martin Brechbiel — Building from older model kits can be a fun challenge! The author shares tips and techniques working with a vintage gondola kit featuring a cast resin body.

Modeling Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Daniel Kleine — Hot rolled steel coils leave the steel mill to be further finished into cold rolls that are used in manufacturing. These interesting loads for your flatcars or gondolas are easy to make.

Ground Cover 101: Basics of Realistic Scenery

George Riley — Once the benchwork is finished and the track is laid, it’s time to think about scenery! A variety of techniques and materials are available to make realistic effects on your layout.

Berkshire Hills Trolley From 3D Printed Parts

Ed Skuchas and Doug Cowperthwaite — A custom-printed body is the basis for this unique parlor car that was used by Berkshire Street Railway in New England more than 100 years ago.

Building Henry’s Store

Martin Brechbiel — Country stores like these could be found in almost every community, and makes for a great first scratchbuilding project using scale wood siding.

A Tale of Three Shanties

Bruce J. Mohn — Small utility buildings like these can be found everywhere along the railroad, for storing tools and supplies to offering crews a place to shelter from the weather.

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