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O Scale TrainsYour print ad in O Scale Trains Magazine targets your message to thousands of serious scale model railroaders. Whether you’re marketing to collectors, scratch-builders, or ready-to-run modelers, O Scale Trains is the magazine for you! Each edition is designed for the active O-scale modeler looking for the latest tips and products. Founded in 2002 and published six times a year, O Scale Trains Magazine is the only publication dedicated to celebrating the art of 1:48 scale two-rail model railroading!

O Scale Trains Magazine also provides lots of how-to articles written by many well-known names in the O-scale hobby, along with regular features and plenty of color photos of realistic O-scale models. We strive cover O-scale two-rail, O narrow gauge, Proto48, traction, diesel, steam, rolling stock, structures, and more. Readers turn to O Scale Trains Magazine for modeling inspiration as well as the latest developments in the hobby. This is where your marketing message belongs!

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The White River Productions family of publications is dedicated to serving sophisticated and active railroad enthusiasts around the world. Published six times a year, print advertising in O Scale Trains Magazine provides:

Permanence: Unlike television and internet ads, which flash before the eye and then disappear, your ad stays on the page and is viewed every time our readers look at the page containing your message. Because O Scale Trains Magazine is continually referenced for project information and inspiration, your ad gets many more impressions than other periodicals.

Credibility: O Scale Trains Magazine consistently delivers high-quality, reliable content that our readers trust. That credibility is then associated with our advertisers, resulting in a higher probability that products or services will be purchased as a result of that association.

Performance: Magazine ads perform equally in message association to ads in other media, but provide the best results in the area of intent to purchase. For small businesses seeking to maximize the return on investment, print advertising still outperforms both television and Internet advertising.

Engagement: O Scale Trains Magazine readers make a conscious decision to engage the words and images on our pages. Unlike passive media, our readers must physically turn our pages, look at all the material, and make choices about what to read. Are you giving them the chance to engage in your message?

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