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Author Topic: Old Weedy Buys Stock From Hicks

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Post Re: Old Weedy Buys Stock From Hicks
on: May 12, 2018,

Loading cattle sometimes is a lot of work and patience. I recall when I was a kid we loaded 1 & 2 year old steers into a 1966 Chevy C-60 for transfer to rented pastures getting maybe 8 or 9 on board per trip. Even though we used a chute they could be cantankerous and stubborn. So loading at a railhead railroad men were dealing with many more head at a time. So yes perhaps the partitions did help manage the work.

In my research, it is difficult to come across photos of loading rail cars and the photo below show a poultry car with the ability to load from the ends. The Hicks Car that CGW had during this time period of 1907 I have not seen ends designed for loading the Hicks Cars in that manner. That is not to say they did not exist, I just have not run across any of this time period from Hicks that CGW purchased.

The second photo is another CGW Hicks Car for further historical reference. This shot was taken on the Hanover Railway which was a 2.5 mile line connecting into the CGW from Hanover, IL. just slightly south west of Elizabeth. I like this photo because it shows a slightly different lettering on the side of the car where the company name was stacked words.

The third photo I think is a 1881 drawing of what I believe is 1st class travel not coach for a cow. Enjoy!

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