The Norfolk & Western M Class: A Modeler’s Guide

A new book from O Scale Trains MagazineThe Norfolk & Western M Class: A Modeler’s Guide.
Written and compiled by Joe Giannovario, this limited edition book includes:

  • A brief history of the M, M1 and M2 on the N&W
  • Prototype photos of the M, M1 and M2 from 1906 to 1958
  • Over 25 detailed photos of the Strasburg M #475
  • Scale drawings of the M, M1 and M2, and 4 different tender drawings
  • Photos of HO and O scale models.

In all, a total of 88 pages of detailed information on this unique class of steam locomotive. Here are some sample images from the book.

The Index page is fully interactive

Lots of prototype photos, many with “hot spot” labels for important features






Scale drawings for the 3 classes and 4 tenders.


Photos of commercial and custom-built models.

The limited edition, signed and numbered paperback is sold out.

Purchase the interactive digital download for just $9.95
The Norfolk & Wester M Class: A Modeler’s Guide-Digital Edition @$9.95